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These songs are from, through and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without Him...within me....I am nothing.  Thank you to my family and friends for your encouragement through the years.  I'm especially and eternally grateful to my wife, Linda, my "Sweet Rambling Rose"..who never gives up.


1.  I'm Born Again

2.  On The Other Side (feat. Devin Belle)

3.  A.S.K.  ( Ask, Seek, Knock,) (feat. Mario Moore)

4.  Streets of Gold

5.  Sunday's On The Way

6.  Without You, Within Me (feat. Devin Belle)

7.  He Still Will

8.  Your Hiding Place

9.  Give It to Him

10. Without You, Within Me (feat. Walter Retkofsky)

11. Riding Shotgun

12. In The End

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